Monday, August 29, 2011

Brett, You've Got it Going On!

Gratitude 6/15-
I am grateful for my brother Brett!

My oldest brother Brett is in town for this weekend! The last time I saw Brett was last summer before I left for school, and before that was like 2 years? Something like that. But yeah! I get to hang out with him for a couple of days and then he goes back to New Jersey and then I probably won't get to see him till May of next year! But it will be fun while it lasts!

So I am grateful for my big brother Brett.

Sharing is Caring

Gratitude 6/14-
I am grateful for Sharing.

Hahahahahah! So this girl, Alejandra Perez is ridiculous. You're never bored with her, THAT'S for sure! We were texting back and forth and she radomly says, "Oh my gosh, I have to pee SO BAD!" Thanks for sharing Honda. Haha I busted out laughing at the office and seriously it made my day. So funny!

So I am grateful for sharing.

I Hate Being Cold!

Gratitude 6/13-
I am grateful for Warmth!

I sit in a freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold office all day and FREEZE my patootie off! I seriously HATE being cold. I'd rather be hot than cold, any day! Hence why I went to Hawaii and not to Idaho or Utah for school!
Anyway, it was 98 degrees outside today! It felt so nice to sit outside and "defrost" during my lunch break.

So I am grateful for warmth!

Sexy in Red!

Gratitude 6/12-
I am grateful for Red Lipstick.

I've recently discovered, I really like red lipstick. I hateeee lipstick, it doesn't stay and it tastes gross, and it just looks unnatural, but I really like red lipstick! It gives me that little "Yeah, I'm a sexy secretary!" feeling, even though no one really sees it because I sit in an office all day. But hey, at least I know I'm wearing it (:

So I am grateful for redlipstick.

She's a Rebel, She's a Saint!

Gratitude 6/11-
I am grateful for a Little Rebellion!

"On the count of three, 1,2,3 DONE!"
"We did it cause we're cool."
"We did it cause it's what we wanted."
"We did it cause WE said so!"

Well what did we do?!
We stayed up all night acting crazy!


So I am grateful for a little rebellion.
Not too much of course!


Gratitude 6/10-
I am grateful for Hula!

I got to be a lei greeter at Aloha Fest Town Center! It was so much fun being apart of something so cool! I got to watch amazing polynesian performances and help out! It was way fun and they even offered to teach me how to hula so I could possibly dance at school! Woot woot!
It really felt like I haven't left Hawaii.

So I am grateful for Hula!

Eye-Reeeeeeeeeeen GALinaVAN!

Gratitude 6/9-
I am grateful for Irene Galvan!

I love this girl! She's super cool and super sweet! I got to hang out with her today for the first time in like 3 years! Goodness! I loveeee her! We got to catch up and tell each other our stories. Man we're really growing up!

So I am grateful for Irene Galvan!